Wing Coaster - A seat on the Edge

The new Wing Coaster "Skyrush" won the Brass Ring Awards 2012 for Best New Product and is what every coaster fan has been waiting for: smoothness, exitement, high-speed and breathtaking features combined with a new seating and restraint concept.

A speedy cable pulls the train to the highest peak at 61 m (200ft) in only 10 seconds. That first drop occurs at an 85 degree angle accelerating the train to 120 km/h (75 mph). Coming up on the 1100 m (3600 ft) long track the riders experience a feeling of sheer weightlessness along the five airtime hills.

In between Skyrush feeds riders quick doses of alternating positive, negative, and lateral g’s with four high-speed/high-banked curves. The Stengel Dive is a real highlight awaiting them about halfway through the course and adds further rapture to the ride. Named after the Coaster Designer Werner Stengel, the overbanked turn is about as close as you can get to an inversion without actually going upside down.

The transition between elements is so quick and effortless that riders have no chance to catch their breath or brace themselves for what comes next. Leaving them breathless and stunned when finally the magnetic brakes hit and the train returns to the station.