Impulse Coaster

Two high-thrill drops...
with true fee-fall effect

This thrill ride uses the linear motor technology in combination with suspended coaster to produce top acceleration, freefall and weightlessness experiences. Available with different layouts, the Impulse Coaster is very space efficient, responding to the space issue currently faced by most parks, and provides riders several different thrill effects.

Whether it is Suspended Impulse, Twisted or Double Twisted Impulse, passengers experience the effect facing first upwards and then downwards, feet dangling free, from height of up to 65 meters and at speeds of up to 100 km/h. The ride consists of one train operating on a double-ended track. Two vertical drops, either straight, or one with a twist, one with a genuine free-fall effect. Available with or without a holding brake on the straight drop. Also available with a twist at each end. Passengers are secured by a shoulder restraint system. Between the towers, a horizontal track section incorporates the load and unload area as well as the catapult propulsion system executed by linear motor.

Although the track length is approximately 200 meters, the train’s travelling distance is multiplied by four, as it is catapulted back and forth towards each end. The eddy-current braking system operates with astonishing smoothness, and is capable of safely stopping a 100 km/h fast train within a distance of 45 m. The final positioning at the station is also executed by the linear motor.

Length of track up to 200 m
Max. speed up to 100 km/h
Capacity per train up to 32
Hourly capacity up to 1200 pph
Total height up to 65 m
Impulse Coaster Details