Impulse Coaster

Twisted Impulse Coaster Two vertical drops, one
with a twist, one with a genuine free-fall effect. Available with or without a holding brake on the straight drop. Also available with a twist at each end. Passengers experience the effect facing first upwards and then downwards, feet dangling free, from heights
of 57m (187 ft) and higher at speeds of 100 km/h(62mph). Passengers are secured by shoulder restraint system. The catapult propulsion is executed by Linear Induction Motor (LIM).


Theoretical capacity 900-1200 per/h
Length of track 200 m
No. of trains 1
No. of vehicles 7-8
Max. speed 100 km/h
Capacity per train 28-32
Total height 57-65 m
Impulse Coaster Details