LSM Launch Coaster

Over the years, Intamin has established the most
comprehensive range of roller coasters of any
manufacturer in the world. It may therefore come as
no surprise that Intamin has developed yet another
form of coaster launch system which allows better
control of overall ride performance. The 5th
generation of Linear Synchronous Motors, LSM, utilizes
the principle of electrical magnetic fields to launch the
train from the station reaching high speeds in a short
amount of time. Not only does LSM reduce the cost of
maintenance as compared to other launch possibilities,
but also the system can be reversed to act as
magnetic brakes.The layout can include all the usual
combinations of figures, such as traditional loops, rolls,
corkscrews, etc. The very popular open design of the
trains enhances the overall thrill element and the
variety of designs of bodies provided allows free range
to the imaginations of park creators.
Length of track up to 1350 m
No. of trains up to 6
Max. speed up to 121 km/h
Capacity per train up to 16
Hourly capacity up to 1200 pph
Total height up to 60 m
LSM Launch Coaster Details