Mine Train

With a full range of designs to meet any budget,

INTAMIN can provide a Coaster to the highest standards,

with children and families in mind. INTAMIN’s Coasters are
known for their smooth ride, by employing up to date design methods and the highest manufacturing standards, INTAMIN puts
the same care and attention into the smaller Coasters as into the more complex and thrilling rides. The combination of smooth ride, gentle but exciting turns and hills gives the guests a memorable experience. Standard layouts or customised layouts to meet any park’s requirements are available, vehicles can be styled to meet a
designer’s needs o r standard coaches are available for 2, 4, or more guests. Let the family enjoy a “pink-knuckle”-ride.

Theoretical capacity 1400 per/h
Length of track 500 m
No. of trains up to 2
Max. speed 60 km/h
Capacity per train 26
Total height 16 m
Mine Train Details