Wing Coaster

After the successful introduction of the ‘winged seating concept’ with the Wing Rider Coaster, which by the way was another world’s first developed by Intamin, the new Wing Coaster now offers a twist on the winged-seating concept by putting its two center seats above the track and positioning its outer seats a little lower on either side. The winged seats are to the side of the track, so riders have nothing above or below them but sky and air. In this formation the riders on the outer edges have a more intense experience than those seated in the middle. The winged seats significantly change a rider’s perspective and make the surrounding environment more a part of the coaster – the 270˚ panoramic view makes the experience different from any other coaster.

Another element that distinguishes Intamin’s Wing Coaster from the other winged coasters is its restraint system. Instead of an over-the-shoulder harness, it has only a lap restraint, allowing for upper-body freedom and actually a feeling of flight.
In combination with the new winged seats Intamin’s Wing Coaster features a unique cable pulled lift system, allowing for a high lifting speed of almost 10 m/sec. and an impressive climbing angle of 45˚, magnetic brakes and especially a spectacular gravity run section with several different elements such as inversions, high banked curves, ‘up and down’ sections with the so popular air-time and a number of changes of direction – all together resulting in a world-class roller coaster.
The Intamin Wing Coaster "Skyrush" in Hersheypark (USA) won the Brass Ring Award 2012 for "Best New Product". ​
Length of track up to 1200 m
Max. speed up to 125 km/h
Capacity per train up to 32
Hourly capacity up to 1350 pph
Total height up to 62 m
Wing Coaster Details