Wing Rider Coaster

A new evolution in accelerator coasters, the “Wing Rider Coaster” is an enchantment for riders and spectators alike. Not only will this new coaster’s layout offer a ground hugging ride enhancing the sensation of speed, but also with the revolutionary design of the vehicles, passengers will be ‘flown’ in a way previously unknown through the various track figures.

These innovative vehicles suspend the guests slightly diagonal over the ground on ‘wings,’ as opposed to sitting above or hanging under the track. Ergo, rather than the track blocking a visual field in front of the passenger or above the passenger, respectively, this vehicle design allows for a totally unobstructed visual field for EVERY passenger! Additionally, the over-banked curves provide a sensation completely different for each guest according to their position relative to the ground.​

Length of track 858 m
No. of vehicles 3
Max. speed 130 km/h
Capacity per vehicle 24
Hourly capacity 1400 pph
Wing Rider Coaster Details