ZacSpin Coaster

Over the last thirty years, Intamin has developed the most comprehensive range of roller coasters of any manufacturer in the world.
From Runaway Mine Trains, through Family and Junior Coasters to world record Multi Inversion Coasters not to mention Suspended Looping, Spinning, Stand-Up and Spiral, Reverse Free Fall and Impulse Coasters using various systems of propulsion from friction wheel, traditional chain lift, cable pull and various types of catapult systems, Intamin considers itself to be the leader in coaster development and innovation.
Since space is becoming an ever increasing issue for many parks, the engineers at Intamin have responded to this challenge by incorporating a vertical lift into a coaster. This exceptional, breathtaking attraction has a compact layout bursting with thrill and consists of a space efficient and eye-catching lifting system, which is unique in the market because of its hydraulically driven, therefore energy efficient, double chain drive system. ‚Äč

Length of track 247 m
No. of vehicles 5
Max. speed 55 km/h
Capacity per vehicle 8
Hourly capacity 800 pph
ZacSpin Coaster Details