Looping Starship

The Looping Starship is a powerful, white-knuckle experience which captures the attention of passengers and spectators alike. Incorporating a strong sense of anticipation with a feeling that the riders can actually "fly", the Looping Starship offers sensations never before experienced in a ride. The passengers experience rocking, hanging and looping.

The ride begins with a smooth, powerful rocking motion that increases in speed as the ship climbs higher in the arc it is traveling. As it reaches the top of the arc, it comes to a virtual stop, upside-down, with nothing between the heads of its riders and the ground, hanging there not knowing whether the ship will go forwards and complete the first of two loops, or backwards, to try from the other side. When the ship completes the loop, riders will experience a brief sensation of being able to fly.

Hourly capacity 1200 pph
Total height 14.6 m