Super Splash

The Super Splash ride, a further development of
the Shoot the Chute, is one of the most
effective and popular family thrill rides. It is,
however, also spectacular for all visitors just
watching the large size boats accelerating down
the ramp, hitting the water and creating a gigantic
splash. The force of the splash will be enhanced
by the placement of an observation platform or
bridge. A special track configuration in combination
with the state-of-the-art boats (inclined seat
arrangement whereas the passengers are sitting
above the water line) makes this attraction very
unique. INTAMIN’s water rides are generally
acknowledged as the highest quality in the industry,
these technological improvements will ensure that
this ever popular ride continues to be so through
the 21rst century with riders and operators alike.​

Capacity per board 20
Hourly capacity 400-1800 pph
Total height 15-28 m
Super Splash Details