2014 Review

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2014 Review

The end of an exciting year is nearing and Intamin would like to use this opportunity and wish all its clients, partners, suppliers and fans a wonderful Christmas time and all the best for the coming year.

2014 has been another successful year for our company and we are proud of the number of great projects we were able to accomplish. One of our core principles is innovation and especially in 2014 we have demonstrated this with a number of completely new rides, which successfully opened to the public.

The first ride we want to mention actually opened late last year and had no time to appear in the 2013 list of openings. In Singapore, our Slow Boat Ride, which features the new 15 passenger boats, started operation and since then is carrying visitors along a jungle cruise at the River Safari of Wildlife Resort Singapore/Singapore Zoo.

Vialand in Istanbul/Turkey completed its line-up of Intamin rides with a spectacular LSM Launch Coaster and a family oriented Tow Boat Ride.

In Rome/Italy, the doors of the movie based Cinecittà World opened and Intamin contributed to this project by supplying three major attractions. Our 10 Inversion Coaster is the flagship of the park, accompanied by the popular Family Drop Coaster, which due to its surprising free fall element is a very attractive indoor ride for the entire family. And for the thrill seekers looking for an outdoor free fall experience, our renowned Giant Drop meets this demand.

Phantasialand in Germany has opened with a huge success a completely new designed and developed Flume Ride with Backwards Drop. Our new 6 passenger boats, which are equipped with magnetic brakes and where all passengers are seated in one row behind each other and safely secured by individual lap bars are one of the reasons for the great success. A backwards drop, a fast moving rotating platform as well as a high speed parallel switch, and finally the steepest drop ever built on a Flume Ride make this Flume Ride a one of a kind in the world and Phantasialand has again lifted the bar.

Overseas, the race for the highest, tallest, fastest and newest continues. One of the most impressive Free Fall Rides can be found at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey/USA. Our Accelerator Coaster “Kingda Ka”, which with a height of 138m is the highest coaster in the world and at the time it opened was also the fastest coaster on earth, serves now also the “support structure”  for three Giant Drops (each holding up to 8 passengers) bringing the riders to a breathtaking height of 127m.

But the most innovative new ride in the segment of free fall towers is our new Sky Jump, which was unveiled at Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida/USA late summer. This free fall tower is with a height of way beyond 100m the tallest freestanding drop ride in North America. But what makes this free fall attraction really unique and incredibly spectacular is the dropping position of the passengers. The vehicles are tilting forwards 95° once at the top and enable the passengers to experience the position of a skydiver. The ride experience is absolutely unique and despite being a white knuckle attraction the ride experience is extremely smooth.

And Intamin is also proud to having contributed to the recent trend of indoor rides, which combine a roller coaster with a media based dark ride featuring a number of special effects. The result can be experienced in Orlando, Florida/USA. The incorporation of motion bases in a roller coaster together with 3D film/shows and animations create a completely new immersive experience for the visitors.

Intamin continues also in 2015 to develop new concepts and ideas and continues to keep pushing so that the one or the other becomes reality – innovation remains our key driver. Stay connected in 2015 not to miss any of our exciting news!

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