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    3 Signature Intamin Rides at Wanda Nanchang

    On May 28th, 2016 Dalian Wanda Group’s newest theme park, Wanda Nanchang City Park, opened its gates to the public. Intamin proudly contributed to the success of the theme park with three signature rides, namely a Mega Coaster, a Gyro Drop and a Flying Island., two of them record braking attractions in China. 

    The Mega Coaster with a height of 78 meters and a top speed of 136 km/h is the highest and fastest roller coaster in China. With a track length of 1556 meters, riders are thrilled along a journey which begins with Intamin’s patented high speed cable lift and is followed by a spectacular first drop. The Mega Coaster does not feature any inversions and therefore attracts a potentially larger ridership. The trains are of an “open” design and allow the passengers to better enjoy the thrilling elements such as high-speed, banked curves and a lot of air-time. 

    The Gyro Drop a free fall attraction based on the same principle as Intamin’s most popular Giant Drop rides, at Wanda Nanchang is 80 meters tall and therefore China’s highest drop tower. Up to 40 passengers can be seated on the passenger ring, which guarantees a for a free fall attraction exceptionally high hourly capacity. On the way up, the ring rotates while being lifted to the top of the tower. This is the “sight seeing” portion of the attraction. When the ring has reached the top, this is the moment when even the brave ones start to being scared – the anticipation of the following drop! Once released the passenger ring is dropping and reaches a breathtaking speed of 98 km/h before being decelerated by the failsafe magnetic brakes. 

    The Flying Island, which brings up to 100 passengers up to a height of 45 meters, is a pure observation attraction enjoyed by the whole family and allowing everyone to enjoy the views of the park and surroundings. 

    Together with the record breaking Water Coaster supplied to Wanda XiShuangBanNa International Resort Theme Park last year, Intamin has supplied to Wanda Group four signature rides so far and the count continues ...

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