America’s 10 Best Roller Coasters

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America’s 10 Best Roller Coasters – Intamin #1

The winners of the 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Roller Coasters in America are in! Nominees in the contest, sponsored by USA TODAY and, were chosen by a panel of experts and voted by the public.    

And Intamin proudly reports that three Intamin built coasters are prominently ranked under the top 10 coasters in America.     

Intamin’s Mega Coaster “Bizarro” in Six Flags New England is the #1 and was awarded the title of “Best Roller Coaster” in America. It is not the first time that this particular coaster was voted #1. Having already won several times the “Golden Ticket Award”, published by Amusement Today, “Bizzaro” is considered since its opening day on of the very best steel coasters in the world. A diversified layout featuring a 66 meter high first drop at 70 degrees, a top speed of 125 km/h and a lot of air-time in combination with many smooth changes of direction, make this Mega Coaster exceptional.

The second Intamin built coaster ranked under the top 10 coasters in America is the LSM Launch Coaster “Maverick” in Cedar Point, which holds place #3. and is according to this vote considered the best launch coaster in America. Using Intamin’s most powerful linear motor technology (LSM - Linear Synchronous Motor) this particular layout features a “traditional” lift, where the trains are however propelled by LSMs and a second launch, which boosts the train up to 120 km/h.

The third Intamin coaster in the top 10, actually ranked as #9, is “El Toro” Intamin’s famous Wooden Coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure, which is one of the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. It is built using the highest engineering technology, enhancing the experience on a Wooden Coaster.

As a leader in the amusement industry, and especially in the design and manufacturing of roller coasters, Intamin is proud to once again being recognized by industry experts and coaster fans alike.

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