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Colossos – Heide Park Resort, Germany

On April 19th, Heide Park Resort in Germany reopened Europe’s tallest and fastest WOODEN COASTER “COLOSSOS” after closing it in July 2016 for a complete refurbishment and an entire re-tracking.

Colossos returns and a gigantic battle between fire and wood begins!

At the entrance to the attraction, daring Colossos riders will be introduced to the new story with the new logo emblazoned above the entrance and a matching soundtrack for the fight of the giants. The colossal new structure is 25 meters high and appears to rise straight from the broken ground with shining eyes and blazing flame effects.

With a height of over 50 meters and a top speed of approx. 110 km/h, Colossos stands as one of the World’s tallest and fastest wooden coasters. With the two new trains, each carrying up to 30 passengers, a maximum theoretical capacity of approx. 800 people per hour can be achieved.
Besides the new trains, Colossos also received a completely new track. Unlike traditional wooden coasters, its track was prefabricated, laser-cut in a factory to a high degree of precision and with sections designed to snap together like Lego pieces. Planks were tightly bonded in multiple layers instead of traditionally nailed together by hand.

Thank you to Heide Park Resort for the outstanding cooperation.

"Photos: Heide Park Resort"

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