Doomsday Destroyer - Suspended Twin Hammer

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Doomsday Destroyer – Movie World, Australia

At the end of September 2016 Warner Bros. Movie World at Gold Coast, Australia opened the new “DC Super Villains Unleashed” area. The signature attraction of this extensively themed area is Intamin’s all new Suspended Twin Hammer, named “Doomsday Destroyer”. 

Intamin was contracted by Village Roadshow Theme Parks with the task to supply a spectacular and thrilling round ride. The Suspended Twin Hammer immediately convinced everyone involved as being the best choice for the target audience. Intamin then completely redesigned the existing Suspended Twin Hammer, resulting in an all new ride where basically every component has been redesigned in order to not only meet today’s norms and standards but especially Intamin’s own claim of supplying state-of-the-art rides only. 

The result is an impressive round ride attraction, where the passengers are taken to a thrilling height of 21 meters. While the two passenger compartments – each holding 16 passengers – are rotating, the riders are experiencing g-forces up to 2.4g. The Suspended Twin Hammer consists of two giant arms, which reach an impressive top speed of 10 rpm. Despite the thrilling nature of any ride going upside down, the ride experience is still comfortable, which is also owed to the new restraint system incorporated. 

Intamin is proud to having contributed to the success of the new “Super Villains” themed area and highly enjoyed the good cooperation with the team at Warner Bros. Movie World during the execution of this prestigious project.

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