Drage Kongen - Suspended Family Coaster

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Drage Kongen – Djurs Sommerland, Denmark

Intamin's record-breaking SUSPENDED FAMILY COASTER turns up the heat at Djurs Sommerland.

Record-breaking ride creator, Intamin, has done it again with DRAGE KONGEN (Dragon King), its newest SUSPENDED FAMILY COASTER at Djurs Sommerland in Denmark.

Europe's longest and fastest SUSPENDED FAMILY COASTER has been designed to fire up thrill seekers young and old. DRAGE KONGEN has made its den in Djurs Sommerland's newly-opened Asian themed area. Riders beware - the dragon has just awoken from a 1,000-year sleep and is preparing to hold them in its iron grip.

Riders board one of the 2 suspended trains, each seating up to 14 people. With a jolt, the launch propels riders through the firebolt temple before ascending to a height of 30 meters. With hearts pumping and adrenaline surging, they dive down at a hair-raising 85 km/h, legs dangling freely in the air. The 825 meter long track hurtles through the dragon's subterranean lair and is bristling with razor-sharp bends, mystery and thrilling weightlessness.

DRAGE KONGEN joins Intamin's JUVELEN and PIRATEN rides, both record-breakers in their own right. JUVELEN is a FAMILY LAUNCH COASTER which opened in 2013. It is Denmark's longest coaster at over 1000m. PIRATEN is a MEGA LITE COASTER and has been voted one of the world's greatest coasters. Opened in 2008, it is Denmark's biggest and fastest coaster with a top speed of 90km/h.

Intamin is proud of having once again contributed to the success of Djurs Sommerland.


825meters track length
30meters height of lift
85km/h maximum speed
710pp/h maximum capacity

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