Dueling Dragons - LSM Triple Launch Coaster

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Dueling Dragons – Guangzhou Sunac Land, China

Mid of June, Guangzhou Sunac Land in China successfully opened the World’s first DUELING LSM TRIPLE LAUNCH COASTER, named “DUELING DRAGONS”.

This most unique coaster features a layout, in which two dragon themed trains, one suspended and one sit-down, are dueling each other with a number of thrilling near-miss elements.

Utilizing Intamin’s most powerful LSM drive system, the trains are simultaneously launched forward into the loop. Stalling by gravity in the loop, the trains then move backwards into the already passed LSM section. Launching backwards, both trains pick up even more speed, allowing them to reach the crest of the 50 meter high vertical spike. This is when riders experience a stunning moment of zero-gravity weightlessness airtime with their eyes facing down. Accelerated by the LSM drive system for a third time, the trains reach their top speed of approx. 100 km/h (sit-down train) respectively 110 km/h (suspended train) while rushing forward, passing through the loop. Out of the loop, passengers will experience several heart-pounding inversions, breath-taking airtime elements and a total of five near-miss configurations, bringing riders feet respectively arms close to the other train. Even spectators will be amazed while watching the two dragons dueling each other.

Another distinctive element is the fact that the physical track length of the sit-down layout is 790 meters and of the suspended layout 830 meters, whereas the actual traveled distance is 980 meters and 1030 meters, which is a result of the forward-backward-forward launch.

This DUELING LSM TRIPLE LAUNCH COASTER is not only highly innovative in terms of layout and ride experience but also in respect to the technology incorportated. Besides the integrated water-cooling system for the LSM drives, this coaster features Intamin’s newest train design with ergonomically shaped seats, ensuring highest safety and maximum comfort.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Guangzhou Sunac Land.

50meters height
5near misses
100km/h speed (sit-down)
110km/h speed (suspended)

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