European Star Award 2014

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European Star Award 2014

For the third consecutive year, Kirmes & Park Revue has conducted a poll to reward the best parks and rides in Europe. On October 23, 2014, the European Star Award Ceremony took place in Amsterdam rewarding Intamin with several prizes.

Intamin wins the 1st place in the category “Europe’s Best Water Rides” for ‘Divertical’, Intamin’s Water Coaster at Mirabilandia, Italy and “Europe’s Best Wooden Coasters” for ‘Colossos’, Intamin’s Wooden Coaster at Heide Park, Germany featuring the Intamin’s pre-fabricated wooden track. And ‘Balder’ at Liseberg, Sweden, an other very prominent example of Intamin’s Wooden Coasters with the pre-fabricated track technology, has been awarded the 2nd place.

‘Expedition GeForce’, our famous Mega Coaster at Holiday Park, Germany comes in at the 2nd place in the category “Europe’s Best Steel Coaster”.

Intamin also obtained several further European Star Award in other categories. We want to thank all those ‘experts’ who voted for our rides.

For more details, see the Kirmes & Park Revue EAS issue.

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