European Star Award 2015

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European Star Award 2015 – Kirmes & Park Revue

The European Star Award ceremony, hosted at Liseberg, in Gothenburg during the Euro Attraction Show, Kirmes and Park Revue unveiled the 2015 winners. And Intamin has been rewarded for a number of rides. 

Two Intamin rides won the 1st place and two others ranked #2. In the category “Europe’s Best Water Ride” Intamin is very proud that our very innovative “Flume Ride – with Backwards Drop” “Chiapas” in Phantasialand, Germany, which entered the competition last year as #4 Best New Ride, is now #1 Best Water Ride. With 3 drops, including 1 backwards drop, fast moving switches, and a for a water ride exceptionally fast double chain lifts, “Chiapas” features as much technical elements as a Roller Coaster, and makes it Europe’s Best Water Ride. “Valhalla” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK, also a Flume Ride with backward drop, has been rewarded with the 2nd place. 

Intamin’s Wooden Coasters, well-known for their pre-fabricated track technology resulting in a very smooth ride experience compared to traditional woodies and a considerably longer life time of all components, have been top-ranked. “Balder” at Liseberg, is #1 and therefore “Europe’s Best Wooden Coaster” and “Colossos”, at Heide Park is #2. 

Intamin won several other awards, for further details please refer to Kirmes and Park Revue EAS issue. 

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