European Star Award 2018

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European Star Award 2018 – Kirmes & Park Revue

On the occasion of the trade exhibition Euro Attractions Show, this year taking place from the 25th to 27th September in Amsterdam, the most noteworthy theme parks, the best novelties, and the most spectacular attractions and coasters were honored.

Once again, Intamin is proud to have received several awards in the following categories:

Europe’s Best New Coasters

#1 – Hyperion - Energylandia, Poland

Europe’s Best Wooden Coasters

#1 – Balder - Liseberg, Sweden

Europe’s Best Water Rides

#1 – Chiapas - Phantasialand, Germany

#2 – Valhalla – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK

#6 – DiVertical - Mirabilandia, Italy

Europe’s Best Thrill Rides

#1 – Loke – Liseberg, Sweden

#4 – Golden Driller – Fraispertuis City, France

#7 – Ikaros – Gröna Lund, Sweden

#8 – Apocalypse – Drayton Manor, UK

#9 – Scream – Heide Park, Germany

Europe’s Best Steel Coasters

#4 – Taron – Phantasialand, Germany

#7 – Red Force – Ferrari Land, Spain

#8 – Expedition GeForce – Holiday Park Plopsa, Germany

Europe’s Best Dark Rides

#6 – Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland Park Paris, France


Intamin would like to thank all their customers around the world for the continuous trust and support during the past years and the many more to come.



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