FKF Award for Intamin

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FKF Award for Intamin

Since 2003, the ‘FKF Award’ honors those who contribute and bring something special to the amusement industry. On September 24, 2014, at EAS (Euro Attractions Show) in Amsterdam, Intamin has received this prestigious award for its Family Launch Coaster 12-1000, named ‘Juvelen’ and now for 2 years very successfully in operation in Djurs Sommerland, Denmark.

The Award states:
“The FKF Award 2013 awarded to Intamin for the Roller Coaster Juvelen as a family-friendly attraction with exceptional theming, its launches and its track close to the ground which make it fun to ride”
(FKF – Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitpark)

‘Juvelen’ has 1 km of track, includes two launch sections, curves, drops and hills along a fun, dynamic and smooth layout, which make this roller coaster very exciting and still enjoyable for the whole family. Intamin would like to thank all FKF members for voting in favor of Juvelen.

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