GIANT WHEEL 120M - Orlando Eye

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GIANT WHEEL 120M – Orlando Eye

For those who say “everything’s-bigger-in-Texas”, obviously haven’t been to Florida lately.  Known for its larger than life Theme Parks, Hotels and Attractions, Orlando, Florida opened on May 4, 2015, one of the tallest Giant Wheels in the United States.  Engineered and built by Intamin and standing at 122 meters (400ft) tall, the Orlando Eye is operated by Merlin Entertainments PLC (Merlin), the second largest attraction operator in the world.  With years of experience operating Amusement Rides & Attractions, in addition to the London Eye, Merlin and Land Developers teamed up with Intamin Amusement Rides, bringing three (3) fun and unique Merlin Entertainment experiences to one location.  The 120m Intamin Giant Wheel - Orlando Eye, along with Merlin’s Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the beautiful SEA LIFE Aquarium are located on Orlando’s famous “I-Drive”.  The attractions are the centerpiece of “I-Drive 360”, a new dining and entertainment destination on International Drive.

Engineered and manufactured by Intamin, the installation of the Orlando Eye was in and of itself a work of art.  Much like pieces of Grandma’s delicious Apple Pie disappear one piece at a time, sections of the wheel appeared …one piece at a time to make the entire wheel complete.  The Orlando Eye – at 122m (400ft), is nearly 30m (100ft) taller than the Statue of Liberty and is the tallest observation wheel on the U.S. East Coast. The wheel itself holds 30 gondolas, each featuring a motor driven self-leveling system and giving space for up to 15 standing and seated passengers. The capacity of the wheel is therefore 450 persons per cycle. Considering a trip time of approx. 18 minutes, the hourly capacity is around 1500 persons.

Similar to its older sibling in London’s, the Intamin-built Orlando Eye provides guests with a safe, relaxing and fun opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Central Florida in one of their luxurious, comfortable, fully enclosed, multi-media capable and air-conditioned gondolas. In order to provide a maximum unrestricted view, the gondolas are equipped with large size compound transparent, curved high-performance laminated glass.  

The breath-taking journey allows visitors to take in a unique perspective of the area including nearby theme parks and attractions, the downtown Orlando skyline, lakes and lush landscape, and, if the day is clear, Cape Canaveral on Florida’s East Coast.   

With nearly 50-years of amusement ride design, engineering and manufacturing, Intamin is proud of the Orlando Eye and invites the world over to enjoy the quality workmanship and fun experience any Intamin product delivers.

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