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Hyperion – Energylandia, Poland

A new record breaker is born. Energylandia has started operation of “HYPERION”, Europe’s HIGHEST and FASTEST MEGA COASTER.

Thematically, the passengers on HYPERION are to immerse themselves in a space scenario and become part of a research mission to Saturn's moon - Hyperion. The spaceship "Hyperion_1" encounters a black hole during its mission and enters the space-time tunnel, whereupon the crew discovers another universe.

After leaving the space themed station, the train is taken up the lift hill. Time to breathe in and enjoy the fantastic views before enjoying this most thrilling ride. The first drop of this spectacular MEGA COASTER is 85° and has a record-breaking 82 meter drop. At the end of the descent, the train passes through the tunnel, which is located below ground level, at a top speed of 142 km/h. The 1’450 meter long track provides everything a roller coaster fan and adrenaline junkie is looking for. The effects of weightlessness, unexpected gravitational effects, as well as rotational slopes of the track will make anyone’s heart rate increase drastically. There are fascinating positive and negative load factors and a stunning speed when climbing hills, getting into corners and, of course, plummeting down. Before jumping into brakes at the end of the ride, riders will experience an automatically set water splash. 

Using Intamin’s state of the art trains, the seat height and especially the raised seat position where the feet do not touch the floor, allow for an experience and feeling of “flying through the air”, even for taller people. Each of the two trains seats 28 people and is designed in a configuration of 7 rows of 4 seats each, whereas the 2 inner seats are raised.

HYPERION joins the three Intamin Water Rides at Energylandia which started operation this year – “SPEED WATER COASTER” Intamin’s WATER COASTER, “ANACONDA” the SPILLWATER ride and “JUNGLE ADVENTURE” a RAPIDS RIDE.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Energylandia again and would like to thank the entire team for the great cooperation.

1450meters track length
82meters drop height
142km/h maximum speed
85degree drop

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