IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2018

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IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2019

Intamin is honoured to receive the 2019 IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the category “Major Ride/Attraction” with the unique Dueling LSM Triple Launch Coaster “Dueling Dragons”, located at Guangzhou Sunac Land in China. This prestigious IAAPA award is presented to a winner of one of the Best New Products categories at the Brass Ring Awards which has or will have the most impact on the attractions industry for the years to come.

The Dueling LSM Triple Launch Coaster introduces the world’s first combined coaster track, where a sit-down- and suspended train are simultaneously launched to heights, speeds and a vertical loop. While the suspended train navigates at the bottom of the rail with a top speed of 110 km/h, the sit-down train travels on top of the same track rail structure with 100 km/h. Powered by a triple LSM launch, the trains experience a 50-meter high vertical loop at the same time, making this figure for spectators the most stunning in the world. The special designed track system releases the trains into a layout choreography of five (5) innovative dueling elements featuring the world’s first dueling airtime hills.

This LSM Launch Coaster is not only highly innovative in terms of layout and ride experience but also of technology. Besides the integrated water-cooling system for the LSM drives, this coaster features Intamin’s newest trains with ergonomically shaped seats and an all-new restraint system ensuring highest safety and maximum comfort for the passengers. Together with the track quality all this results in an exciting high-thrill and extremely smooth experience.

As a leader in the amusement industry, and especially in roller coaster manufacturing, Intamin is proud to be once again recognized with this prestigious award.


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