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Intamin fuels the passion of amusement enthusiasts through high-performance rides, throughout decades. Talent and power. Drive and innovation. Courage and endurance. Scientific research and development. These are the essentials needed to be a market leader. Intamin combined these attributes with all of it’s rides to offer the most unique ride portfolio you will find in the industry.


As Intamin’s products are used and enjoyed by millions of guests and passengers worldwide on a daily basis, safety is always of the very first consideration for the Intamin team and partners from development to installation and testing of every project.


When new products are being developed, Intamin has always insisted on first having a smaller version built, prototype tested and put into first article use before gradually scaling up the size of the final product. The first Rapids Ride had a height difference of 3.6 m and eventually the largest version had over 14 m difference. The first Giant Drop was of 54 m, the tallest built so far over 120 m and now on the drawing board – well, we are not entitled to say! First came the Mega Coaster at 60 m of height now we are talking well over 100 m. The first hydraulic launch was of 90 km/h and Formula Rossa is 240 km/h.

Subassembly Testing

As entire rides, in the sizes Intamin is now building, cannot be set up in the factory for testing, only certain key subassemblies can be tested and in some cases on special test-benches. Such a bench-test was with a rotating magnet wheel used to verify magnetic flux saturation and temperature effects on the magnetic braking technology and devices on a 40 tons and 40 passenger capacity Gyro Tower Drop vehicle. Another test-rig was for a fast actuated under-water switch for a boat ride operating at a ride dispatch interval demanding a switch operation under 14 seconds. Mounted upon a 6 DOF simulator test bench, vehicle chassis parasitic vibration frequency cycle testing has been performed. Loading and cycle loading components with the use of computer controlled and monitored test-rigs, integrated with strain gage measuring equipment, is routinely used to verify expected design life.


Nowadays, every passenger load bearing structural element is modeled in 3D AutoCAD and analyzed by Finite Element Modeling and Analysis with design assurance based safety factors derived from a specific risk analysis. This due diligence analysis is typically verified and accepted in accordance with requirement of EN, DIN and closely equivalent ASTM standards and associated codes or local standards,
with specific client requirements where applicable. Samples of such analysis are as follows.

3rd Party Review

If not stipulated by the customer or required by the local authorities of the country where the equipment is being operated – Intamin would routinely have a 3rd party review process implemented to assure the in-house design verification. This would typically be by partners such as TUV, Bureau Veritas or Jacobs and CSEI for Chinese projects, all well respected agencies of design assurance within the Attractions Industry.

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Quality Documentation

For the equipment manufacturing phase of any project, Intamin’s Quality Assurance department is approving the work procedures, the weld details, the acceptance test-plan forms and verifies NDT inspections and checks certificate or process record documentation, in all the factories involved.


Site Acceptance

During installation, Intamin’s site advisors cross check the works in progress and completed as carried out by the ride installation company. Advisors assist in final adjustments, oversee the start-up of all systems and train the maintenance and operator staff. Once completed, site acceptance tests are executed to an acceptance protocol test-plan and the equipment is then endurance tested for hundreds of cycles with dummies to prove reliability. Only once all of this is completed, the system can be handed over to the customer – ready for successful public use.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

At the equipment delivery and with any required updates before the final handover, Intamin provides the in-house produced operations and maintenance manuals, which are to be followed by the customer’s team for safe operation. From time to time, bulletins are issued to make customers aware of adjustments and updates based upon information from similar systems in operation elsewhere.

After Sales Support

Over the entire lifetime of the attraction, Intamin is available for advice and consultation on any given issue on the delivered equipment. This is through representative offices in different continents and countries and via the service hotline.

Precision, Refined
Intamin combines extreme-proven technology with provocative, purposeful design. Every element serves a purpose, from functional elements to intelligent operation controls.

News from our R&D Department

New Ride Concept Taron

TARON holds a total of 4 World Records. Besides being the fastest Multi Launch Coaster in the world.

New Ride Concept Sky Jump

The SKY JUMP is a highly unusual attraction, which is the first of its kind to offer the guests an unforgettable sky diving experience. The development of this very unique attraction was only possible by using a special magnetic braking system designed by INTAMIN. This patented brake system allowed INTAMIN to create this absolutely unique free fall tower attraction.

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