Lands of Legends

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    Lands of Legends – Antalya Turkey

    Right on time for the summer season, the Lands of Legends Theme Park in Antalya, Turkey opened its gates to the public beginning of July. 

    The signature attraction of this world class water park is Intamin’s Water Coaster, named “Typhoon Coaster”. 

    The journey starts when the 10 passenger boats are leaving the station and then swim towards Intamin’s unique tandem vertical lift with a spectacular height of 40 meters. It is not only the height, it is also the speed the boats are lifted up with, which makes this lift so unique. Once having reached the top, the boat leaves the lifting platform and before the passengers can start to enjoy the view, the boats run downwards along the down chute and reach a top speed of 86 km/h. After this spectacular first drop, the passengers can enjoy the coaster section along the 522 meter long track, featuring the speed and thrilling elements such as banked curves and drops, topped with the excitement of water splashes. After the final splash the boats float back to the station. 

    “Typhoon Coaster” offers a breathtaking experience for the whole family. Intamin is proud to having contributed to the success of The Lands of Legends Theme Park with the first Water Coaster in Turkey. 

    As the market leader in both segments, namely Roller Coasters and Water Rides, it is the combination of the best of both worlds, which makes Intamin’s Water Coaster a must have attraction at amusement/theme parks as well as at water parks. Intamin’s Water Coaster is a spectacular ride the whole family can enjoy.

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