Piraten #1 – Juvelen #2

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Piraten #1 – Juvelen #2

Djurs Sommerland and Intamin proudly announce that the ”Coaster Club Denmark” has voted the two Intamin Coasters in operation at Djurs Sommerland as the two best roller coasters in Denmark – “Juvelen”, Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster, is ranked 2nd and “Piraten”, Intamin’s Mega Lite Coaster, is ranked 1st and holds the crown for the best roller coaster in Denmark.

With its 32m high and fast (!) cable lift, the combination of a lot of air-time together with the right mix of banked turns and ups and downs, and its top speed of almost 90 km/h, Intamin’s Mega-Lite Coaster delivers a thrilling and at the same time exceptionally smooth ride experience.

Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster, as its name suggests, is a bit more family oriented, but at the same time still quite thrilling. Besides the initial launch from a standing still position and especially the boosting section, the track is low on the ground, which increases the feeling of speed, and features many nice changes in direction (most of them executed as banked curves) and quite a number of hills and bunny humps. With its length of over 1 km and the double launch, by the way the first in Europe, this Family Launch Coaster is the perfect coaster for basically all age groups. Especially for those guests, who yet cannot or do not want to ride the Mega-Lite Coaster, it offers an exciting ride experience.

Talking about ‘smoothness’, it is especially thanks to Intamin’s superb track quality in combination with a diversified track layout, that both coasters are so popular. An exciting but at the same time very smooth ride experience – this is Intamin’s formula of success!

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