Points of Strength

Intamin Amusement Rides
See how we’re strengthening our performance legacy while pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Range of Product Knowledge

Year after year, inventing one ride after another over a period of half a century creates Intamin’s solid knowledge base behind the largest range of products available in in the amusement and theme park business sector.  This line of products reaches from Water Rides, Roller Coasters, Free Falls, Simulators, Observation Attractions and Wheels to Monorails. Acquired expertise on different rides is combined by the teams to push product development forward.  All of this optimizing and sharing; common systems, data-bases, engineering, dimensioning, safety viewpoint, operating manuals, spare parts and customer support and follow-up philosophy.       

Innovation & Technology

With the development of products comes the refinement and continuous improvement of subassemblies used in common; from bogie assemblies, restraint locking mechanisms, retarding and block brake systems, free fall drop mechanisms, cable lift systems to hydraulic and LSM launch units. Intamin generally is the first to embrace new ideas and invent new products, put prototypes into operation and refine rides on a continuous bases – thereby leading in front of the competition……. by years.  

In House - Control & Software

Generally all control systems and software used on Intamin rides are programmed inhouse. This way a common high standard on Software-, Safety Philosophy, Documentation, Site Acceptance Testing and Software update support over the life of each ride and transportation system is guaranteed – seamlessly.

Network of Partners

Over a dozen development and execution companies are working with and for Intamin on a close partnership basis and in many cases this has been for one or several decades.  Subcontracting to these partners is not focused on the matter of price quoted but more importantly based on high quality of output, the service provided and unconditional support in resolving any challenges encountered. Among these companies we highlight a few:

Listed here are just a few of the many companies keenly engaged on Intamin product developments and projects. Intamin remains forever thankful for the help of all of these partners as only with their fully dedicated efforts Intamin can deliver equipment in ever better quality, with a faster time-frame and realising economies where possible.


Lastly but probably the most important point of strength! A brand name is only as good as the team of people that stand behind it. With founder and founder’s family fully engaged and involved in the overall business, consistency of products, ongoing high quality output and company guiding philosophies are maintained. Highly motivated heads of companies and heads of departments are pushing forward with their teams, to improve efficiency, to assure steady and successful growth and to stay ahead with innovation. With this ever faster cycle of improvement and innovation a lot of credit must be given to the exceptionally capable team of site advisors – always having a quick and effective answer as how to resolve any initial challenges.


RFP Technology

Located in Rüscheid (between Frankfurt and Cologne), Germany, specialized in creation of artistic fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) vehicles and components including master modelling, tool and molding developments and production. They produce and assemble boats and roller coaster and other vehicles to the specification of customers and the specific wishes and concepts of customers. They are also specialized in prototyping, technical design and production of self-supporting composite constructions and complete passenger-seat and restraint systems.


Electrical Engineering

Generally all control systems and software used on Intamin rides come from Inautec GmbH, a company clearly focused on Intamin rides and transportation systems. This way a common high standard on Software-, Safety Philosophy, Documentation, Site Acceptance Testing and Software update support over the life of each ride and transportation system is guaranteed – seamlessly.


Complex Steel Manufacturing

The main factory and headquarter of Stakotra is located in Piestany, Slovakia. This company, with an industry wide reputation for high quality production, is specialized in the assembly, welding and finishing of the very smoothest roller coaster track, manufactured to the precision needed for high speeds guaranteeing a very comfortable ride experience and maximum safety. Stakotra also carry out the production of the associated vehicles with manufacture of machined parts, welding and assembly of highly stressed vehicle chassis, components and running-gear. Stakotra have another plant in Budapest, Hungary where they specialise in the assembling and welding of complex and heavy steel structures and tube assemblies as associated with observation towers and giant wheels or round rides for example. These large parts in many cases need to be machined post-welding on large capacity machine tools available in-house to achieve extremely high tolerances as required by the engineered design as set out on Intamin drawings and specifications. Supporting manufacturing operations, Stakotra also has a large drafting and engineering team available at each production location.



Stationed in Ebikon, Switzerland, Hagenbuch are responsible for most of the special hydraulics needed for Intamin products – from restraint locking mechanisms, motion simulators, fail-safe lifting cylinders to the high energy hydraulic launch systems used on Intamin launch coasters and catapult rides.



Drive Technology

Working out of an engineering office, production and high power test facility in Zurich, Indrivetec has developed and is continuously refining linear synchronous motor (LSM) technology. These motive-power transmission devices utilizing magnet arrays on vehicles are increasingly integrated into Intamin rides as a frictionless and readily controlled system to move roller coasters or custom ride systems. Indrivetec is not only providing and assuring production quality for the LSM stator units, but also the associated powerful LSM drives, super-capacitor storage units and controllers as well as the sensor and communication network to manage the safe application of drive power, all delivered as an integrated and optimized package.


Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Our partner Sinusmatik has the full and high quality capability for building electrical cabinets, control panels, vehicle electrical assemblies and control systems from a facility close to Zagreb in Croatia. Based on specifications developed by the Inautec power and controls engineering team, Sinusmatik provides full construction service, including developing detail cabinet and equipment engineering and layout drawings, parts sourcing, rapid production, quality control and factory acceptance testing for all control panels for Intamin rides. From the skilled team, manpower is also available to assist customers prior to start of commissioning with the on-site installation, termination and testing of electrical equipment.

Stengel Engineering

Structural Engineering

Located in Munich, Germany, Stengel Engineering are focused on modelling and perfecting the structural designs of the finest roller coaster track layouts and support structures from layout concepts developed in-house by Intamin. 


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