360 Fly Adventure


44meters screen diameter
19meters total Height
8Passengers per Balloon
9ballon themed vehicles
1250capacity per hour
100percent adventure

360 Fly Adventure


The 360 Fly Adventure belongs to the family of media-based attractions and is a completely new ride system, which in combination with the unique ride movements and with several media-based special effects (not included in Intamin’s scope of supply – see below), provides the passengers with a most unique immersive ride experience.

Each of the nine balloon-themed vehicles seats up to eight passengers, all facing in the same direction, resulting in a total instant capacity of 72 passengers per ride cycle. The “balloonists” are securely held in position by a redundant over-the-shoulder restraint system. Once they have entered the ride from one entrance, they will be accommodated in the slowly moving balloon vehicle, which soon after the proper check by the operation team, will take off to its journey.

After take-off, the balloon vehicles will move up and down, tilt left and right and also rotate. The attraction allows for infinite possibilities to accommodate any kind of show and guarantees an amazing adventure for every passenger. The ride control system takes care of the seamless synchronization between the media content and the moving balloons.

At the end of the show, the passenger ring returns to its original position, allowing the riders to exit the ride in a very smooth manner.

Intamin engineers and manufactures the ride system and collaborates with “project:syntropy”, who is the exclusive supplier for the screen and the media systems for the 360 Fly Adventure.


360 Fly Adventure - Teaser


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