Ring Drop


116meters maximum Height
105km/h maximum Speed
36maximum people per vehicle
648pph maximum Capacity

Ring Drop

Using the magnetic braking technology, which is so effective in the Giant Drops, the same technology was put to use in the Ring Drop. Combining the pleasant experience of a Panorama Tower with the white-knuckle experience of a free fall is an unusual and exciting mixture, which guarantees
satisfaction to even the most skeptical thrill seekers. The 20, 36 or 56-seat ring structure rises slowly up the shaft. The riders experience an escalating anticipation as the gondola moves up the tower structure. The ring vehicle reaches the top of the tower, where the riders will wait for
the drop. Then CLUNK CLICK! The ring of seats suddenly drops to the ground. Anybody who can breathe in that split second has nerves of Titanium. Available in different heights according to operator’s requirements, the system can also be built as a conversion
from an observation tower, allowing for new marketing opportunities and reducing costs for a tower erection. The design of the Ring Drop structure is either a lattice or atubular-shaped tower. With its ring vehicle, this thrill attraction allows for high capacity as well as an unusual design of a free fall ride.





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