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Surf Rider


70meters maximum Length
69km/h maximum Speed
450pph maximum Capacity
27meters maximum Height

Surf Rider

Surf Rider

Following the success of the Half Pipe Coaster and getting inspiration from the success of board sports around the world, such as snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, the creative engineers of Intamin looked at what it is that makes these sports so much fun and so popular. The evident fun that the surfers enjoy forms the basis for the ride effects which are recreated with the Surf Rider. The secret: a combination of sensations, along with the feeling of freedom and speed. Add some height, spinning, and dropping, with a pinch of acceleration and you have the unique experience of a true ‘hot-dogger’.

This thrill ride uses the latest in Synchronous Linear Motor technology in combination with a freely rotating ring of seats to produce the very latest freefall in experiences, one aimed at recreating the unusual merging of many sensations.
The ride consists of one vehicle (the Surf Board) operating on a double-ended track. Both ends of the track terminate in towers slightly curled over. Between the towers is a U-shaped section, which includes the load/unload area as well as the linear motor propulsion system. This guarantees the most economic space utilization together with the most powerful linear drive system available today.
The ride’s uniqueness makes it a perfect fit everywhere, like theme parks, various indoor arenas, and in water parks! A refreshing burst of water can also be integrated in the ride cycle delighting the passengers with every swooping drop, and simultaneously enhancing the ride’s true-to-life surfing feel.





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