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Flume Ride

Flume Ride


All around the world, Intamin’s Flume Rides have become crowd pullers to guests and spectators alike. The highlight is reached when the boat and its passengers are sent “over the falls” and down long, steep troughs before splashing down in the lakes below. Incorporating some of the thrills of a roller coaster, such as airtime, with those of a water ride, the whole family will delight in this thrilling river adventure.

Built inside as a dark ride or as a stand-alone ride, the Flume creates a point of interest for young and old alike. Intamin’s design capabilities enable designers and owners to create a unique ride of their own, using combinations of down chutes, twists and turns, special effects and theming, as well as different boat designs. The layout features lifts and drops and can optionally be equipped with turntables, which will reverse the boat and therefore send it backwards to the chute. This is definitely an added value to the classic Flume Ride creating surprise and thrill effect.

Four or six passengers can board the newly designed boats. Riders are arranged in a row but with separated seats and individual lap bar restraints, allowing for more thrilling elements.

The layouts are completely flexible according to the requirements and wishes of the park.

Intamin Flume rides are well known for the elegant design and the accurate construction.




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