Wooden Roller Coaster


1071meters maximum Length
90km/h maximum Speed
1200pph maximum Capacity
35meters maximum Height

Wooden Roller Coaster

Wooden Coaster
New track technology

Wooden Coasters belong to the very first coasters or even amusement rides ever built. They are recognized by their nostalgic look, which combines tradition and aesthetic. The uniqueness of a wooden coaster distinguishes them from any other attraction. With their impressive looking lattice structure, they represent an aesthetic sculpture, highly visible from any direction making them an eye catcher and thus representing a landmark in any amusement park. The state of the art engineering and manufacturing methods employed by Intamin have drastically improved the smoothness of such wooden coasters and allow a number of more thrilling ride effects when compared to traditional wooden coaster technologies. The new engineered-wood track design and the bolted only substructure (no nails used) meets rider’s expectations in terms of speed, thrill and smoothness of the attraction.

Intamin’s Wooden Coaster structure is designed using computerized / industrialized engineering / manufacturing methods rather than the traditional “on site fabrication” employed by many of its competitors. This improves accuracy and minimizes installation time. An industrially pre-machined and precisely finished veneer wood track is used, for which a patent application has been lodged.

The main advantages of this track technology are: track accuracy resulting in a smoother ride experience, extended life cycle compared to traditional wooden track design, state of the art machinery (robotics) is used, and installation time saving.

Intamin’s roller coasters are famous for the airtime experiences; Wooden Coaster also features this thrill effect. To finally respond to the ever-increasing noise level issue, Intamin have equipped the trains with urethane wheels





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