Children's Parachute Tower

Parachute Tower


17meters maximum Height
7.2km/h maximum Speed
2people per parachute
480pph maximum Capacity

Parachute Tower

Parachute Tower

The Parachute and Children’s Parachute Towers consist of a steel tubular structure and a supporting structure with arms for six parachutes. The slender tower is free standing on its foundation. Each parachute is connected with two steel ropes to a hoist link inside the tower. The hoist link in turn is directly connected with the hydraulic equipment at the tower base. In order to avoid strong side movement of the parachutes each one is directed by two tightening ropes. The parachutes are going up and down at different heights during the ride cycle and moving at different speed according to park’s requirements. The Parachute and Children’s Parachute Towers can fit in any park with its small footprint, be it to satisfy the smallest thrill seekers or adults who want to experience fun with their kids.





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