Comet Express

Family Coaster - Twist & Turn


415meters maximum Length
35km/h maximum Speed
800pph maximum Capacity
10meters maximum Height

Family Coaster - Twist & Turn

Twist and Turn Coaster
Free spinning

The Twist & Turn Coaster is a family type ride equally enjoyable for adults and children, combining the excitement of a teacups experience with a roller coaster, which results in a most unusual ride. This small roller coaster is designed as a ride system for either a dark ride or a standard outdoor coaster. Available with various drive systems i.e. motors mounted in track, powered locomotive or standard gravity coaster, or a combination of powered and gravity coaster. Various layouts are also available with different heights and lengths depending on the wish of the operator. Each gondola takes two passengers securely held in place with a lap bar, automatically released in the station. Spinning of the gondolas, made by the centrifugal action caused by the movement of the train in the curves and bends of the ride, is dependent on speed, load, angle, and turns, so that each gondola spins differently. Also available in short versions to meet any space requirements, giving a major ride experience even in the smaller space. Using proven technology and components, the ride offers a reliable and different experience from any other roller coaster.





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