Dome Ride Theater

Dome Ride Theater


900pph maximum Capacity
17meters maximum Height
80Passengers per Theatre
30Degree maximum Inclination

Dome Ride Theater 80

Dome Ride Theater 80

The Dome Ride Theater is a completely new ride system, which belongs to the family of media based attractions. In combination with the unique dome structure and with several media-based special effects, the ride will give the passengers an immersive experience.

Once the passengers are seated around the ring structure, held securely in position by a redundant restraint system, the lights dim and the show can start. The ride time will depend on the length of the show. The ‘False Show Floor’ in front of the patrons will be taken down to the ground level at the right moment in the story line. To enhance the show effects, the floor can also be used as a projection screen.

The Dome Ride Theater is supplied with 80 seats. The passenger ring can then be moved in a number of ways

  • rotating 
  • tilting 
  • rotating and tilting at the same time 
  • the ring can be held in any position

Optionally, a number of special effects can be added to the attraction including seat vibrators, audio in the individual seats, laser guns, wind effects and so on.

The attraction allows infinite possibilities for a show.

Intamin builds the ride system and collaborates with Attraktion! Gmbh, who is the exclusive supplier for the dome structure/the screen and the media systems (audio / projection).



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