Doomsday Destroyer

Suspended Twin Hammer


720pph maximum Capacity
21meters total Height
16people per Gondola
10rpm maximum rotation speed

Ultra Tower

Suspended Twin Hammer

The Suspended Twin Hammer is a loop swing with two gondolas for 16 passengers each. Guests are suspended in specially designed seats with their feet dangling freely.

Both gondolas are suspended on swivel arms, which are mounted to rotation tracks. The rotation tracks and bearings are located on a common crossbeam. This construction is supported on a center column. Counterweights are located on the other end of the swivel arms.

The ride can be operated in 3 programmable modes: rocking back and forth within a low range, or up to approximately 150°. It can also be swinging up and over and then continuing

 to loop, which enhance the thrilling experience.




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