Mega Splash


171meters maximum Length
80km/h maximum Speed
25people per Boat
1250pph maximum Capcity
37meters total Height

Mega Splash

Mega Splash

Quite simply, the Mega Splash represents the most exciting water ride ever built, made possible by the use of Intamin’s patented magnetic braking technology and vehicle development. This ride is a highly attractive family thrill ride for all passengers riding it. It is, however, also very spectacular for all visitors just watching the large size boats accelerating down the ramp, hitting the water at high speed and creating a gigantic splash. The lift inclination as well as the down ramp angle have been increased to allow installation within a small foot print area. The boats plunge down on a 75-degree steep down chute reaching a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The force of the splash will be enhanced by the placement of an observation platform or bridge.





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