Vertical Lift Coaster


810meters maximum Length
94km/h maximum Speed
800pph maximum Capacity
37meters maximum Height

Vertical Lift Coaster

Vertical Lift Coaster

Space is becoming an ever-increasing issue for many parks, thus the engineers at Intamin have responded to this challenge by incorporating a vertical lift into a coaster. This exceptional, breathtaking attraction has a compact layout bursting with thrill and consists of a space efficient and eye-catching lifting system, which is unique in the market because of its hydraulically driven, therefore energy efficient, double chain drive system.

As the name suggests, the Vertical Lift Coaster commences with a 90° ascent escalating the anticipation of the riders. Upon reaching the track apex, the train dives downwards at a spectacular 97° drop angle! This being one of the steepest drops ever incorporated into a coaster. With exhilarating speed, the riders soar through corkscrews, cobra roll, airborne “S” curve, inverted loop, and over airborne hills. Thus, riders experience exciting changes in speed, direction, elevation and orientation. All these figures can be executed thanks to the use of the latest technologies in design and manufacturing procedures, resulting in a dynamic, thrilling and at the same time very smooth ride.
Of course, Intamin’s patented magnetic braking system is employed to ensure a smooth deceleration. Intamin once again demonstrates their renowned attention to detail and quality in this, an addition to their vast range of outstanding coasters.





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