Fuga da Atlantide

Super Splash


299meters maximum Length
75km/h maximum Speed
20people per Boat
1200pph maximum Capcity
25meters total Height

Hyper Splash

Super Splash

The Super Splash ride, a further development of the Shoot the Chute, is one of the most effective and popular family thrill rides. It is, however, also spectacular for all visitors just watching the large size boats accelerating down the ramp from the lift, either vertical or straight, hitting the water and creating a gigantic splash. The force of the splash will be enhanced by the placement of an observation platform or bridge. A special track configuration in combination with the state-of-the-art boats (inclined seat arrangement whereas the passengers are sitting above the water line) makes this attraction very unique.

Intamin’s water rides are generally acknowledged as the highest quality in the industry, these technological improvements will ensure that this ever popular ride continues to be so through the 21st century with riders and operators alike.




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