Orlando Eye

Giant Wheel


15people per Gondola
1500pph maximum Capacity
120meters total Height
30gondolas in total

Coaster Wheel

Giant Wheel

Giant Wheels never lost their charm, nor the ability to give unforgettable panoramic views.

Intamin built, at the time, the largest conventional Giant Wheel in the world, now they are reaching new heights, continuing to create larger and more contemporary designs! Modern technology combined with innovative ideas, allows clients the ability to choose between numerous designs, different shapes of gondolas, and varying heights. Intamin Giant Wheels are available from 80 m to 165 meters high. Passengers are able to relax and enjoy the incredible scenery for lengthy time periods in a comfortable air-conditioned gondola of 8 or 15 seats equipped with lighting and communication system. To entertain at night with a light show that rivals any fireworks display, an amazing and unique digital lighting system can also be installed on the wheel’s structure.




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