Sky Jump


95meters total height of attraction
90km/h Free Fall speed
90seconds of ride time
100degrees tilt of gondola

Sky Jump

Sky Jump
The sky diving experience

Since the everlasting success of Giant Drops in various forms – be it with standard seats or with special features such as stand up or tilting vehicles – Intamin exceeded everyone’s expectations creating a new extreme thrill ride. The Sky Jump is a highly unusual attraction, which offers the guests an unforgettable sky diving experience. The development of this very unique attraction was only possible by using a special magnetic brake system designed by Intamin. This patented brake system allows Intamin to offer this very new challenge to park owners and their guests.

The Sky Jump is challenging thrill seekers’ knowledge of Giant Drops. It is not a basic tower on which vehicles once at the top are released to give the free fall experience. Here, the riders experience the fantastic lifting of the vehicle going up the tower structure. Once the ascent is completed, the seats are tilted 100 degrees, so that riders face the ground, exactly in the same position as skydivers once out of the plane. After a few seconds (determined by the operator) in this position, face forward, the vehicle is disconnected from the catch car and accelerates downwards in a 100% real flying free fall, reaching a speed of up to 90 km/h. The vehicle is brought back to its seating positon when approaching the braking section. The use of magnetic brake ensure a safe and smooth deceleration to reach the ground.
Riders experience the exact same feelings as skydivers, face forward to the ground to finally get back in a vertical position as when they open their parachute for a soft landing.





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