Zac Spin Coaster


142meters maximum Length
60km/h maximum Speed
640pph maximum Capacity
25meters maximum Height

Zac Spin Coaster


Over the last thirty years, Intamin has developed the most comprehensive range of roller coasters of any manufacturer in the world. Intamin considers itself to be the leader in coaster development and innovation. The Zac Spin Coaster is another space saving and eye-catching coaster from Intamin. The ride’s design provides a whole collection of unusual sensations, starting with a spurt of acceleration up an incline, followed by a sense of total weightlessness, head over heels spinning, freefall drops, and hearts stopping swings back and forth.

To begin, the vehicles are pulled by a double chain drive up the inverted curved lift section. The passengers travel out towards the horizon, not able to see where the track continues, as if they are about to drop off the edge at any instant. It is immediately followed by an acceleration into various freefall drops and a reversing of the passengers travelling direction relative to the seating arrangement, thereby imparting a different perspective and totally new sensations. The vehicles reach speeds of up to 60 km/h and are slowed by Intamin’s patented friction-less magnetic brakes.

To add to all of this the guests are suspended outside the rails and hang on each side of the track. The unique ride experience features back-to-back seat arrangement on an eight-passenger vehicle. Half of the guests face forward and the other half face backwards at the outset, changing position during the ride. Additionally, as the swinging and spinning action is heavily dependent on the load distribution within the vehicles the ride experience is never predictable, thus, to get all the thrilling effects this coaster offers, riders would need to ride at least twice and change their seating position accordingly.

The Zac Spin Coaster received for the IAAPA’s prestigious and highly respected “Best New Product” Award when the first installations opened.





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