Intimidator 305

Giga Coaster


1540meters maximum Length
146km/h maximum Speed
1500pph maximum Capacity
92meters maximum Height

Giga Coaster

the ultimate trill

Featured in the Guinness-Book of Records, Intamin’s Giga Coasters belong to the family of ultra-high coasters with a first drop of over 90 m resulting in train speeds of up to 150 km/h. The layouts are characterized by steep hills and drops, high speed horizontal turns at or close to ground level, over-banked curves, a twisting winding ’up and down’ section, air-borne S-curves and hilly camel backs. As a result of the extremely impressive height and speed, the Giga Coasters do not need any overhead or upside down figure to create thrilling effects. Coaster technology applied has to be at its most advanced for the track fabrication procedures, train design, lift transportation or evacuation system as well as for the braking system. The lift drive is executed as a unique cable pulled system at a climbing angle of 45 degrees. The braking is done by a failsafe eddy-current braking system. Both systems represent proven technologies as they are in use in a multitude of other Intamin rides.





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