Jet Rescue

Family Launch Coaster


515meters maximum Length
72km/h maximum Speed
800pph maximum Capacity
6meters maximum Height

Family Launch Coaster

Family Launch Coaster

Over the last thirty years, Intamin has developed the most comprehensive range of roller coasters of any manufacturer in the world. The experience of designing such a variety of different coasters has made it possible to develop a new type of coaster to control acceleration and reasonably low g-force. The result is Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster, a launch-type roller coaster equally enjoyable for adults and children.
Using a new design of chassis this coaster type has proven to be an exciting and lower cost variation on Intamin’s family of launch coasters. Recent development in the design of roller coasters has enabled Intamin to use the latest vehicle design and technology to provide a state of the art ride vehicle. The new vehicle design results in a side by side arrangement with just two passengers per vehicle. The upright seating position in combination with the individual lap-bar paired with foamed seats, guarantees safety and at the same time a high level of comfort for the passengers. This unusual design not only provides the passengers with a unique experience but also enables the vehicles to run through tight figures and at the same time allows operators a high capacity.
The design of the vehicles can be adapted to different themes. So far Intamin has executed the following train designs:

  • Jet Ski

  • ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

  • MotorBike

  • Other vehicle/train designs are available on request.                         

The propulsion is generated by the means of friction wheels (electric or hydraulic powered) and can take the train from 0 to almost 90 km/h.
All the different available layouts of Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster have several features in common – a launch from a standing still position, recommendably a booster section resulting in two launches, proximity of the track to the ground to increase the feeling of speed, many ups and downs respectively ‘bunny-humps’ and a number of twists and turns and changes in direction, most of them executed as banked curves.
The dynamic layouts together with the very smooth track, Intamin is so well known for, bring a lot of fun and excitement to the entire family.





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