Mega-Lite Coaster


755meters maximum Length
31meters maximum Height
85km/h maximum Speed
820pph Capacity

Mega-Lite Coaster

Mega-Lite Coaster

With the aim of recreating the exciting sensations enjoyed on Intamin’s award winning Mega Coasters, Intamin’s engineers have developed a range of similar coasters with all the thrilling ride effects but at a level which is affordable for any park. The unique Mega-Lite Coaster, with a first drop of approximately 30 m, resulting in train speeds of up to 85 km/h, certainly belongs in the family of spectacular coasters! The layout is characterized by steep hills and drops, high speed horizontal turns at or close to ground level, over-banked curves, a twisting winding ‘up & down’ middle section, air-borne S-curves, and the hilly camel backs and bunny humps towards the end of the ride. As there are no overhead figures foreseen, open design trains with lap-bars can be used to further enhance the thrill experience. However, it is also possible to use Intamin’s latest generation of over-head restraints, which are of very soft material and light design. This system allows the ride to be enjoyed by even smaller guests. As a result of the impressive height and speed, coaster technology applied has to be at its most advanced for the track fabrication procedures, train design, lift transportation as well as for the braking system. Intamin accomplishes this superior level of manufacturing and design.





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