Looping Coaster

Looping Coaster


566meters maximum Length
80km/h maximum Speed
670pph maximum Capacity
27meters maximum Height

Looping Coaster


The Looping Coaster belongs to the category of the family thrill coasters, which have proven to be very popular around the world.

The figures are designed to provide inversions with low G-forces whereas the track design and layout are set up for the maximum number of direction and banking changes to make the ride as exciting as possible while keeping it smooth. Newly designed overhead restraints are necessary for this type of ride in order to secure the guests for the inversions they will experience.

Before beginning its journey along the track from the highest point of the ride, the train is conveyed by a cable winch lift system, with the patented noiseless anti roll-back. Once at the top, the run by gravity begins – reaching a maximum speed of 80 km/h – through breathtaking dive, vertical tower, humps, airborne humps, loops, overbanked turns and curves, and in-line heart-roll.

Basic layouts consist of two inversions, a loop and a heart-line roll, which in between nice Intamin’s famous airtime moments and nice thrilling figures can be experienced. Layouts can be adapted to the park’s requirements according to space and budget available. The number of figures depend on the degree of thrill sought but the main element of the Looping Coaster is the loop.




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