Mine Train Coaster

Family Coaster Mine Train


500meters maximum Length
65km/h maximum Speed
840pph maximum Capacity
18meters maximum Height

Family Coaster Mine Train

Family Coaster

The Family Coaster as its name suggests is a family-type coaster equally enjoyable for adults and children. This ride is the next generation of Intamin’s famous Mine Train.
The ride system consists of a train travelling along the steel track. Before the beginning of its journey, the train is conveyed up the lift by friction wheel drives, chosen to reduce the noise to a minimal level – as noise emission is a common issue in most parks. The anti-roll back system is also working with a reduced noise level, meaning without the well-known “click-click”, sound of the ratchet system. The newest standards and latest technology allow Intamin’s train to travel on noise-reduced wheels during its run at various speed, determined by gravity – up to 70 km/h, to keep the family friendly thrill.

From the top of the lift at approximately 20 meters above the ground, the train passes through exciting drops and hills, speedy curves and highly banked carousel before entering the brake zone leading back into the station. Layouts can be adapted according to park’s specifications considering the space and budget available.

Intamin’s knowhow leads to satisfy the entire family, even the youngest thrill seekers, allowing them to enjoy a nice and smooth roller coaster by keeping the track low on the ground combined with controlled G-forces.





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