Family Drop Coaster


756meters maximum Length
67km/h maximum Speed
1100pph maximum Capacity
20meters maximum Height

Family Drop Coaster

Family Drop Coaster
The Family Coaster with free fall

Intamin took the original Family Coaster to the next level, by including a free fall. Thanks to the experience of designing such a variety of different coasters and the wide experience in Giant Drops with the patented application of magnetic brakes has made it possible to develop this new type of coaster. The Family Drop Coaster has been specially designed with a view to providing a very exciting and innovative experience for the entire family.

From the top of the lift the train, reaching a speed of up to 70 km/h, passes through exciting drops and hills, speedy curves and bunny humps before approaching the free fall section. That’s where the train comes to an unexpected end. After an extremely exciting free fall, the train continues its journey back to the station. It is definitely the most surprising element featured in a roller coaster.




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