Великолукский мясокомбинат-2

Multi Inversion Coaster


875meters maximum Length
85km/h maximum Speed
1250pph maximum Capacity
33meters maximum Height

Multi Inversion Coaster

Multi Inversion Coaster

It all started with Intamin’s 8-Inversion Roller Coaster, which was the world record at the time.

The 10-Inversion Roller Coaster is currently beating Intamin’s previous Guinness Book of Records entry by two additional inversions.
The 12-Inversion Roller Coaster would again beat Intamin’s current entry in the Guinness Book of World Records by another two inversions and be worldwide the one and only record holder. Intamin’s Multi Inversion Coasters are designed and built with the same care and attention to emphasize on quality and safety as all of Intamin’s rides. By carefully selecting the sequence and style of inversions with the emphasis on smooth transitions and heart-line rolls, this coaster is less stressful than many coasters with fewer inversions.

These Roller Coasters have been developed with the design target to create the most spectacular roller coasters available. Special care has been taken to arrange the ride elements in a way to never impart an uncomfortable feeling to riders, leading to a dynamic ride with smooth and gentle transitions from one section to another. To achieve a memorable experience, Intamin’s engineers use the most advanced state of the track and train art technology.

The lift section with cable drive brings the train to the highest point of the track, where it travels by gravity through figures such as space diver curve, vertical loop, cobra roll, double spiral screw, and heartrolls, resulting in the number of inversions required and designed to provide inversions with low “G” forces. The track design and layout are set up for the maximum number of direction and banking changes to make the ride as exciting as possible while keeping it smooth.

Thanks to the wider track, it is possible to use the latest generation of trains – designed for Mega and Giga Coaster – with longer life, more comfortable seating and modern restrain system, as well as improved aesthetic.





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