Mystery Castle

Ballistic Drop Tower


62meters maximum Height
72km/h maximum Speed
8people per vehicle
2064pph maximum Capacity

Balistic Tower

Balistic Tower

The Ballistic Tower 20 is yet another variation of the very popular Intamin free fall ride. In this ride, four different ride effects are provided. Other effects are also possible. The 20-passenger vehicle has a unique ride effect created by shooting the vehicle to the top of the ride using special
pneumatic cylinders. At the top of the ride, the vehicle is stopped and then suddenly shot downwards. Alternatively, the vehicle can be released and go into normal freefall. The vehicle descends at speeds of up to 20 m/sec (72 km/h). At a certain point the air pressure builds up in the air cylinders which creates a braking effect and bounce the vehicle and its passengers back up before dropping them back down to the bottom of
the ride. The vehicles actually follow a ballistic trajectory. The vehicle comes to a rest and is in a controlled state by use of the patented magnetic braking system. This braking system is also used at the top of the ride as an emergencybrake in the unlikely event of the vehicle going too high on
its initial trajectory.  By using these braking systems the capacity of the ride can be closely controlled whichever program of ride effect is used.




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